Can you connect multiple EMs to one breaker to save breaker box space?

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  • USA Electric Circuit: I have 6 breakers/circuits (all on the same phase A) that need to be monitored. From my understanding, you have to have a "sacrificial breaker" to power the Shelly EM on the same side/Phase as the breaker/circuit you want to monitor. If that's correct, then I would need to ADD 6 breakers onto Phase A side of the Breaker Box to power the 6 Shelly EMs. (Due to the tracking restrictions, I cannot use the 2nd channel loop on the EMs).

    Question: To reduce the amount of "sacrificial breakers" that need to be added to the Breaker Box (6 breakers), can I connect multiple EMs to 1 breaker to power them? As long as they are on the same phase that I want to monitor.

  • Yes, it's absolutely fine to connect the EM units from a single breaker. They are mono-phase devices, you will be monitoring your mono-phase system, so it's all good.

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